January 17: Hasta la vista, bebe!

We awoke early this morning for the last time in Cuerici. After loading the truck, we hiked for over an hour up the long and scenic trail (almost all up-hill) to the main road where the bus was waiting (cassie got a sweet ride in the truck, teehee). We then had a relaxing drive down from the mountains back into San José. On the way, we stopped at Moravia, where there are lots of souvenir shops. After browsing through the colorful trinkets, we had a filling lunch down the street. Jared ate about three meals and was still hungry for more, but by then it was time to leave for the hotel. We knew we were back when we saw the glowing sign of the Denny’s in the distance. Back at the hotel, we took a few hours to shower, relax, and finish up some last-minute details on our projects. Jared, Lydia, Megan, and Davi invented a game that involves bouncing a soccer ball back and forth and potentially getting tossed in the pool if you mess up. At our last dinner together, we enjoyed fried plantains, pork rinds, cas juice, and lots of laughter. After dinner we said our good-byes one last time as a full group. The six juniors will begin their semesters abroad and the rest of the class will begin at Colgate again on Monday, the last semester for our seniors. We are so proud of you, Abby, Sierra, and Danny (*woo*!) and the juniors will miss you all so much!

Vibe of the Day: Winding down

Quote of the Day: “The best part about living in cities is watching people through their windows.” – Lindsay McCulloch

Rose: Relaxing at the hotel

Thorn: Saying goodbye

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