Jan 6: Sloths, Wind, and the Continental Divide

Highlights of Day 8

Today was our last full day in the beautiful cloud forest of Monteverde. After breakfast, we had an hour to work on our group projects. The insect group had meticulously pinned several interesting specimens only to discover that something ate them! A few nights earlier, an Arboreal Rice Rat had been spotted in the lab and we figured it was the likely culprit. The intrepid rodent also helped itself to a bag of chips by chewing through the corner of the bag and pooping all over the table. Infestations aside, the main cause for excitement this morning was anticipation for our hike up to the Continental Divide. After a long and looping hike where we encountered many amazing plants, a waterfall, and even a two-toed sloth, (as well as an oddly in depth story told by Megan H.) we made it. At the Continental Divide, you can see both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans on a clear day. We were not so lucky and could only see the Pacific. On the Atlantic side, the wind was howling, blasting clouds up the side of the mountain. We also spent some time marvelling at the Elfin forest near the top of the mountain, which is characterized by short trees and dense moss adapted to survive high wind speeds. 

After this great hike, we returned for lunch and the standard afternoon of working in the lab. For dinner we were treated to the traditional Costa Rican meal of Sopa Azteca – a chicken tortilla soup. With hearts warmed and bellies full, each group presented their findings. Then suddenly it was time to pack in preparation for shipping out to our next stop, La Selva Biological Station.

Rose & Thorn

Bouquet- Sloth, continental divide, and the official end of quarantine!

Thorn- Hungry lab rodents

Vibe of the Day: Windy

Quote of the Day:


(Said to Danny, with regards to Megan H.’s story from earlier)

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