Jan 3: Off to Monteverde!

Highlights of Day 5

Today we had an early start and woke up at 4:30 to pack the truck with our gear and hike out of Cabo Blanco. We caught up on sleep on the two hour bus ride to the Naviera Tambor ferry where we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of wait for it… rice and beans. We were also introduced to the traditional Costa Rican snack of green mango soaked in lemon juice and salt. We then embarked on the hour-long ferry ride to Punta Arenas during which we were entertained by diving seabirds and jumping fish. The long and windy mountain road provided some breathtaking views along with the occasional car sickness and fear of falling off the edge. Thanks to our wonderful driver we arrived safely at Monteverde and were treated to a shopping spree at the grocery store where we stocked up on snacks including our favorite, Chikys! We were welcomed to a lunch of overcooked fajitas (surprisingly we missed the rice and beans). However, the view from the dining room looks out into the beautiful cloud forest filled with trees covered in mosses, ferns, and bromeliads. Also, the cool climate of Monteverde was a welcome change from the relentless heat of Cabo Blanco. 

The evening took an interesting turn as several people were quarantined on account of high fevers. Turns out a couple of us picked up some sort of virus along the way. Luckily, a trip to the clinic got us a prescription for an antiviral medicine. With the help of some extra strength advil, tylenol, and Professor Cardelus’ watchful eye, we should hopefully be feeling great in no time! For now we are taking over the blog and will be sure to pass on all the wonderful details of our time in Monteverde! Pura Vida!

Birds ID: Sierra, Cassie , Danny

Insect ID: Jacob, Jared, Megan H

Plant ID: Danny, Davi, Elena, Julieanne

Blog: Lydia, Aidan, Megan M.

Rose & Thorn

Rose– Breezy ferry ride

ThornThe early morning

Vibe of the day: Feverish

Quote of the day: “Jared looks exactly like King Julien from Madagascar.” – Megan H.

Scientist Spotlight: Danny Feinbloom (Senior at Colgate University, Biology & Political Science)

One favorite childhood memory in nature?

Going in the backyard as a kid and catching frogs and toads and Garter snakes.

What have you enjoyed most about this trip so far?

I enjoyed seeing all the wildlife at Cabo Blanco including the howler monkeys, coatis, and white tailed deer

Dream job?

Small animal soft tissue surgeon.

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